With the controversy of his racy American Music Awards performance in the past, American Idol runner up Adam Lambert reveals that he is more than excited to sit down one-on-one with Oprah Winfrey.

“I’m really curious what she is going to ask me,” Adam opens up to Extra about his upcoming appearance on Oprah, “Maybe she will dig and make me cry”

While many would be nervous to sit down with such a legendary talk show host, Adam is just thankful to be able to meet Oprah.

“I’m really excited. I want to meet her. We have the same birthday! She’s incredible. What a great leader, communicator, philanthropist,” Adam reveals to Extra.

Let’s just hope Oprah doesn’t harp on Adam’s American Music Awards segment, as Extra reports that the singer is, “over it,” although he describes himself as very open and willing to talk about mostly anything.

And just to give him an added boost of confidence during his upcoming appearance, the 27-year-old rocker has shed a few pounds on a new meal plan including lots of protein, Extra reports.

“I don’t have to do any of it. They deliver it every day!” Adam speaks of his new diet to Extra.

With killer vocals and new figure to match, Adam should do just fine on Oprah.

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