Kristen Stewart might have had a whirlwind stay in London – picking up a Bafta and Woman Of The Year at the Elle Style Awards – but she looks miserable without beau Robert Pattinson by her side (more)
Johnny Depp hits the Alice In Wonderland publicity trail…and makes a witty joke about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s mega-stardom (more)
• Up In The Air actor George Clooney looks like he’s finally ready to settle down as he buys girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis an Italian island (more)
Lady GaGa pulls another wacky stunt by talking about wearing, ahem, men’s genitalia (more)
• Devastated Cheryl Cole tries to stay strong as shamed husband Ashley makes a desperate plea to save their marriage (more)
Katie Price has a celebrity leap to her defence over her picture of daughter Princess fully made-up (more)
• Hot ‘n Cold singer Katy Perry says keeping Russell Brand satisfied is a challenge (more)

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