The good news for rapper Nick “Mr. Mariah Carey” Cannon?

He has his first steady gig since wedding the pop queen last April — replacing Jerry Springer as host of NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

The bad news? The missus is miffed.
“Mariah has made it clear she isn’t pleased,” an insider tells OK!. “She doesn’t understand why Nick needs to work. She has enough money for the two of them.”

And that’s the problem. The source says 28-year-old Nick’s kept-man status has left him feeling stifled. Tired of arguing over work, Mariah, 40, relented, “but said Nick shouldn’t
expect her to pay for things” anymore, says the source.

Maybe that’s why Nick’s credit card was denied on a $113 tab at Caroline’s comedy club in NYC on March 14, according to a witness, who joked, “Mariah cut his ass off!”

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