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Hey guys!

We’ve got a new addition to the tour bus party as of today… Kristian, one of my partners in came out to join us for the second half of the Everybody Wins Tour.

It’s good to have some fresh blood out here on the road. He’s from Oslo, Norway, so traveling across the United States in a bus is a whole new experience for him. He met up with us yesterday in Dallas before we headed over to the North Texas Food Bank, which I have to say is a very impressive facility. They do a lot of good work helping feed the people in and around the Dallas area.

Me with the staff from the North Texas Food Bank.

Me with the staff from the North Texas Food Bank.

We had a great time in Dallas and even got to catch the U2 concert at Cowboys Stadium. Not only was the show incredible, but the new stadium is amazing. Bono sounded awesome last night. As a singer, I know how hard it is to put on a show like that and he did a great job. Definitely want to check out a football game in the new stadium soon too.

We’re back on the bus again now and making our way out to Denver. Tommy is sitting next to me complaining about how badly his entire body hurts. We went bowling the other night in Louisville and the man took one (or four) too many spills down the alley. I’ve never seen anyone bowl quite like Big Tommy does. His form is unique to say the least! I wish we had had a video camera with us at that bowling alley! He’s blaming his pain solely on the bowling, but we all know that the underlying reason comes from the fact that he’s just plain OLD!

Tommy in the middle of whining about how sore he is from bowling.

We’re getting close to the end of our trip and I can’t believe it! Just a few more cities left before I’m back at home in LA. It’s been a blast, but I think we’re all ready to be back in our own beds again! There’s no place like home!

— Nick

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