Paris Hilton and sister Nicky Hilton wander around the Alice + Olivia Fall ’14 fashion presentation held Monday at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC, snapping photos of their favorite designs.

What’s Paris’ best fashion advice?

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“To wear whatever I feel happiest in,” the blonde beauty, 32, who now DJs around the world and at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, tells me. “It’s when I feel confident in something that I love, like I love Alice + Olivia designs. They’re very elegant, beautiful and feminine.”

Do the sisters every feel competitive with each other, fashionwise or otherwise?

“Never, ever, ever,” designer Nicky, 30, assures me. “We’ve always had different hobbies, interests, goals, so we’ve never crossed over on that path fortunately.

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In fact, the sisters always “give each other advice.”

What’s some fashion advice Nicky has given Paris?

“Stop matching so much,” Nicky confesses. “She loves matching her shoes to her handbag to her lipstick, so I tell her to not match so much. You’ve got to mix it up sometimes.”

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