With much legal drama recently surrounding actor Nicolas Cage, yet another lawsuit has been filed against the National Treasure star over an unpaid loan, TMZ reports.

Apparently, after loaning Cage $3.5 million dollars for a real estate endeavor in 2007, Red Curb Investments is suing the 45-year-old for fraud according to TMZ.

While Nicolas signed the agreement stating that he would pay $29,166.67 monthly against the loan, he hasn’t stuck to his words and still owes Red Curb Investments a whopping $1,850,269.67, TMZ reports.

TMZ also cites that the investment firm won’t be satisfied with repayment and is asking for another $15 million from Cage for committing fraud by not revealing the fact that he was in major debt with the IRS.

Nicolas’ attorney, Marty Singer, was on hand to back up his client and dispute any claims of fraud.

“Any claim that our client engaged in any fraudulent conduct is ridiculous,” Singer spoke of Cage according to TMZ.

In the meantime the actor is also suing his business partner, Samuel Levin, as TMZ reports.

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