In the upcoming epic film Australia, actress Nicole Kidman may earn accolades for her acting ability but some people feel she deserves extra credit for working through the early stages of pregnancy.

“She was a trooper,” the film’s producer Catherine Martin says of her star. “She felt pretty sick and she kept working, which is pretty remarkable. I think Nicole feels really blessed. Nicole is a very caring, maternal person and she has a sense of wanting to care for the group and I think it comes very naturally to her. As a mother who had children late in life, I think it’s a double blessing because you think it’s an experience you may never have.”

It was a momentous occasion when Kidman announced she was pregnant to the cast and crew as well.

“Honestly she burst into tears and so did I,” writer/director/producer Baz Luhrmann says. “She had little Sunday Rose and all I can say is, as a technical observation, she is still Nicole, still a high-wire act, but I’ve seen a peace in her, a center to her. She’s just Nicole, only better."

Australia opens nationwide on Nov. 26.

By Jon Warech

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