Ever want to know exactly what Nicole Richie is thinking? Well now fans can stop guessing, as the actress and mommy-to-be-again has officially launched her site, NicoleRichie.com.


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Working in close contact with Buzz Media Inc., Nicole will share exclusive videos, photos and news, and showcase her fashion line of jewelry, House of Harlow 1960. The site will also be tied to her work with Richie Madden Children’s Foundation.

"I have always wanted my own online destination to share my experiences and I’m grateful to have this opportunity to connect with people in meaningful ways," said Nicole.


Just today Nicole wrote: "Joel, Benji, and I along with UNICEF held a fundraiser for the Tap Project at MyHouse in Hollywood. It was such an amazing evening. Earlier that evening, Joel and Benji appeared on Larry King Live to talk about TAP. The rest of our family watched from home and I took some pictures of them on TV."


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