Maybe Nicole Richie should give up acting and take up stunt work.

The socialite recently filmed a guest spot on NBC’s spy dramedy Chuck and has earned rave reviews form her co-stars for her balls-out performance.

“I wasn’t shooting with her because she was doing all the action stuff, but everyone said she did a great job. She’s really committed to it,” Ryan McPartlin tells OK! at the ESPY Awards.

The actor conceded he was wary of Nicole’s commitment as acting isn’t her claim to fame, but the 26-year-old erased all of his concerns.

“She came in and did all of her own stunts and just kicked ass from what I hear,” he says.

Nicole isn’t the only major star the series snagged for its second season. John Larroquette stops by, as does former New York Giant defensive end Michael Strahan. While Nicole was able to hold her own, Michael had a little more trouble adapting to the TV set life.

“There’s a lot of aspects that are similar as far as schedules and the team aspects are concerned [between football and acting],” Ryan says, “but as far as performing and being comfortable, you don’t have as many pads to hide under.”

By Jon Warech

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