Pregnancy is joy for supermodel Niki Taylor.

Expecting her fourth child, the reality star, 36, dishes on all things baby and family – including how she soothes scrapes and handles a household that includes hubby Burney Lamar, twin sons Jake and Hunter, 16, and daughter Ciel, 2.

“Oh gosh, all my pregnancies have been great,” she tells me while promoting Nexcare bandages give and The American Red Cross’ program to raise awareness of World Blood Donor Day. “I don’t even feel pregnant. I just feel amazing. No sickness!”

For Niki, indulging is part of the expectant more experience.

“I’m just craving everything, everything bad, oh just any kind of carbs, sugar, meat. Pasta, lots of bread, pizza. We had chips and guacamole last night before dinner [cackles], so any kind of potato, French fry. I think you need to give yourself a break. Everything in moderation, that’s my motto.”

Although Niki doesn’t yet know if a little boy or girl is on the way, she’s eager to find out.

“I just want to know because we want to have names picked out, and I don’t think I can wait that long to know. [laughs]”

For now, she’s working on preparing her littlest one, Ciel, 2.

“She knows there’s a baby inside and mama has to go to the doctor to get it out. That’s what she says right now. We always talk about sharing – sharing’s fun, sharing’s nice. I think she’s going to adapt very nicely.”

Until the little one arrives, Niki has her hands full between her family and projects like Nexcare bandages give and the American Red Cross’ program to raise awareness of World Blood Donor Day.

How does she take care of her kids when they get hurt?

“I have two boys, so I was tough and I was a single mom,” she explains. “I had one son that was careful and never broke anything, didn’t get into a lot of accidents – and then my son Jake was the first to do everything and didn’t think about things, so he’s had stitches and stuff before. I’m tough because I’ve been through a lot myself. I have a high tolerance for pain, so I think everyone else should have a high tolerance for pain.”

She adds, “Still, if my daughter gets hurt – she’s a tough cookie [laughs] – I’m like ‘oh, are you OK?’ [laughs] ‘Does it hurt? Let me get you something cold for it.’ But she cries for a second and then she’s over it. Onto the next thing.”

Nowadays, Niki is cherishing the present with little Ciel, 2, who is just getting to that “terrible” stage.

“She’s amazing! I love every age, I love every stage. Same with the boys, the boys are going to be 17 in December and she’s 2, one on the way. It’s a very busy household. You have little tantrums, but I think it’s funny. I can laugh about it. [laughs]”

Hm, what kind of tantrums?

“Like just out of nowhere she knows ‘mine’ and ‘no,’ like we don’t know where this came from, nobody taught her this. The boys don’t talk like that, my husband and I don’t talk like that. She’s territorial and even with my animals, too, if they’re sitting too close to me or on me she’ll go ‘no, no.’ She wants to be on me. So it’ll be really interesting with the new baby coming.”

Niki certainly cherishes every moment she gets with her family. Ten years ago, she suffered injuries in a near-fatal car crash.

“I needed over 100 units of blood, and I owe my life to blood donors,” she says. “And this actually marks the third annual partnership between Nexcare bandages and The American Red Cross, the give program, and we want to thank donors and inspire others to give for World Blood Donor Day. It’s a personal mission of mine to raise awareness and get people involved because I was a recipient.”

She teaches her kids to give back.

“I have giving kids and I think my whole family, my whole support system, my whole team, we’re all givers,” Niki says. “It’s very important, and especially for blood. One thing that a human can do for another human being is give the gift of life and that’s giving blood. We can’t manufacture blood, we can’t make it up, only a human can give it. Especially during these summer months, we have a shortage because people don’t think about it or they’re going on vacation and all blood types are needed, especially O negative. When you think about it, every two seconds somebody needs blood, so that’s 1, 2, someone needs blood.”

She can’t wait until her sons turn 17 so they can give blood.

“It’s a good birthday plan.”

Niki has teamed up with The American Red Cross and Nexcare bandages give program to raise awareness of World Blood Donor Day.

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