Just because Sharon Osbourne is one of the richest women in the U.K. doesn’t mean the children she shares with rocker hubby Ozzy are spoiled. In fact, Kelly, 22, and Jack, 21, work hard for their money. “Kelly’s in theater now,” she says at an Elton John AIDS Foundation benefit. “She really, really loves it.” Kelly stars as Mama Morton in the London stage version of Chicago. Mrs. O, 55, is also bursting with pride about her son Jack. “He went on a car rally from London to Mongolia in a car to raise money for charity,” she says. “He’s like Indiana Jones.” Ozzy, 58, says he gave him a few hundred dollars to buy the car to drive to Mongolia. “It’s an old, clapped out thing,” he says. Sharon adds that Jack has run six marathons across the Sahara all in the name of charity. “That’s what he does. He’s a credit.”

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