Although the lovely as always Julia Roberts is only turning 41 years young today, she says she won’t be starring in a Pretty Woman sequel.


"No one wants to see an old hooker!  Do they?" she joked to Extra at last night’s benefit and staged reading for The Painted Turtle, Paul Newman‘s Hole in The Wall California Camp.


And while the mother of three has been at the top of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses for two decades, even she admits to being starstruck at the event’s guest list.


"I was in the afternoon here during rehearsal and I had my baby [Henry] with me," she says. "And it’s chilling when Jack Nicholson goes, ‘Henry, how ya doing kid?’  It’s like ‘Aaahhh!’ "


The plainspoken star also confesses she doesn’t quite care for the focus on Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin‘s $150K clothing, saying, "I could give two sh—s about her wardrobe. I don’t think it’s her wardrobe we have to worry about."


For more of Extra‘s interview with the birthday girl, tune in tonight!

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