Oscar-nominated star of The Wrestler <a href="https://okmagazine.com/search/rourke" target="_blank"><strong>Mickey Rourke</strong></a> might have spoken too soon at Sunday night’s SAG Awards, where led reporters to believe he’d be going toe-to-toe in the ring with real professional wrestler Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 25. Because now a rep for the actor is doing damage control, letting the press know that it just isn’t so.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Rourke’s rep said the 56-year-old actor "will not be participating in Wrestlemania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career."

This denial is a complete turnaround from the trash Mickey was talking on the SAG red carpet. “Vince [McMahon] wants me to do WrestleMania in Houston. Chris Jericho, I’m coming after your a**," he told Extra at the time. "You better get yourself in shape brother… I’m going to do it!”

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