A lot of filmakers would be happy for audiences to think their latest movie would be full of sizzling sex scenes involving two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

But director Woody Allen has flatly denied the rumors that his new movie features wild lesbian trysts between Scarlett Johansson, 23, and Penelope Cruz, 34.

After Vicky Cristina Barcelona premiered in Cannes in May, journalists got in a froth about its "steamy" lesbian scenes between the leading ladies and their threesome with Javier Bardem, 39.

However, the three-time Oscar winning director, 72, told British magazine Empire that, while the actors do share love scenes in the film, the press have blown them way out of proportion.

"There’s no truth comparable to anything you’ve read. There’s the barest smidgeon of sex in it," he said of his 43rd movie, which is set for US release on September 5.

"There are sex scenes between all the characters in the movie: between the men and the women, and the women and the women. That is accurate, but I’d say there’s probably not even 20 seconds of sex in the whole picture."

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