You might think logging hundreds of hours on the campaign trail making speeches and getting to know voters would leave zero time for staying in shape.


If you did think that, you’d be wrong: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama "is religious about working out,"’according to his campaign spokesperson, Nick Kimball. "He demands that he has time to work out."


Barack often hits the gym on his trips around the country, including a recent visit to Equinox Fitness in Miami Beach, Fla. Says certified personal trainer Kellie Williams. She say she started with a 30-minute warm-up of running and walking on the treadmill, followed by 45 minutes of arm work, then lunges and leg presses.


His sweat session "wasn’t too intense," she says. "It was intense enough that he was sweating and resting in between. He was focused an in sync with his routine."


But when Barack can’t get to a gym, he opts for biking with his family in Chicago, or hitting the basketball courts."When he has time to do that, he gets in some hoops," says Kimball.


Don’t expect to see the presidential hopeful on an NBA team any time soon, however: As Barack himself has said, "I love basketball, but my love for the game always exceeded my talents."


That’s okay Barack, no one can be good at everything!

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