One of the reasons that Michael Scott is such a horrible boss on The Office is that he just wants his employees to love him.

Apparently it’s not a problem he shares with the bosses on NBC.

Rainn Wilson, who stars as Scott’s excruciating sidekick, Dwight Schrute, told OK! that the network is making the cast and crew work at warp speed — because, he claims, they’re a little light on other hit shows!

"The Office is keeping me pretty busy," Rainn told us at the Tisch School of Performing Art’s annual fundraiser in New York. "We just shot 13 episodes in 17 weeks," he said.

"Most TV shows make 22 episodes in a year — so we made that in just over three months."

So what’s the rush to rack up episodes of the smash hit mockumentary?

"It’s NBC and their lack of programing," he explained. "They’re milking their golden goose, to mix a couple of metaphors."


By Oliver Coleman

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