You've heard people talking about Awkward before, and it seems adorable. Who can resist a high-school show? The third season premieres tonight, but don't feel like you're behind the times. Catch up here and you're ready to go!

Awkward is about a girl named Jenna (Ashley Rickards), who narrates the show via her blog in a Heathers sort of way.

She has spent the first two seasons caught between these two cute guys, who are best friends.

In the finale last year, she picked Matty (played by hottie Beau Mirchoff). We totally get this.

(Gif courtesy of MTV Awkward's awesome tumblr,

In a surprising twist, the guy she rejected (Brett Davern) got with her best friend, Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed).

The show is famous for its wacky yet helpful vernacular, like "flirtationship" or "DTR."

Most of it comes from the aforementioned best friend, Tamara. With her amazing red hair and motormouth, she is reminiscent of Six from Blossom.

See? You're all caught up! Now watch the trailer for tonight's premiere to get excited.

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