The season finale of Mad Men is this Sunday, June 23! Their seasons are never long enough. Obviously, Mad Men is one of the most complex shows in the history of television, so it's difficult to ever really know what's going on with the many characters. So here's your 30-second synopsis of where everyone's at.

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Don Draper is at the lowest, saddest, creepiest he's ever been. He's drinking too much and indulging in some serious self-loathing. Impressively, Mad Men has managed to make him look sweaty and disgusting… though his worst is still hotter than most human males.

Sally caught him having sex with Sylvia, and then he told her she didn't really see it. Oh, okay. Problem solved. Childhood trauma sealed.

Peggy called Don a monster, and he reacted by curling up into the fetal position. Peggy and her colleague Ted are definitely in love with each other, and everyone in the office can see it.

Betty lost all that weight! And she doesn't seem to suck as a parent so much anymore, even helping Sally get into boarding school. She and Don also casually slept together—sure, why not?

New character Bob Benson has been a mysterious weirdo all season, and it was revealed last week that he's of the Don Draper school of faking your whole past. Pete was the one to figure it out (shortly after Bob hit on him), so he's using it to his advantage. I still think there's something weirder about Bob on the horizon, beyond the ability to curse in Spanish.

Megan seems a little too relaxed, a little too complacent, though at least she notices that her husband is suffering. What's she doing all day at work?

Also, someone's going to die. There's been a theme of death and horror the whole season. Who's on the chopping block?

Do you think someone is going to die? What do you think will happen in the finale? What was your favorite episode this season so far? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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