The countdown to Christmas is in full swing, and if you’re not feeling the holiday spirit by now, we’re a little concerned—and here to help! OK! chatted with author Michael Gitter, the nostalgia specialist responsible for the Do You Remember? book series, about what evokes the happiest memories for people this time of year.

“I believe that we do get more nostalgic for the holidays," Michael tells OK!. “Our holiday memories are tied tightest to our childhood.”

Some holiday ads have the staying power of the most well-known celebs!  We’ve altered a few of these ads, and we’ll be showing you one every day this week. If you guess what the ads are for, you could win a fun prize from Sweet! Hollywood, a candy emporium unlike any other. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter to see how they are bringing out the kid in everyone who walks through their doors!

It is our hope that the images we will be showing you over the week do just that, and help you remember what the holiday season is about. Need a hint for this first image? Oh, OK. One part of this twosome is rather saucy…and both are rather yummy!

“Think about the smells of things you cook around the holidays,” Michael says. “It probably starts around Halloween. [All the holidays] have their own tastes and smells and touches and sights…it’s like a time warp that takes you right back.”

If you can guess what these images are, let us know and tell us what memories they evoke for you!

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