Everyone is raving about Kaskade and his mad mixes. We caught up with the rocking DJ at the Motorola Moto X launch party and got the scoop on his new album, favorite artists and more!

Moto X Launch Event
Courtesy of Motorola

OK!: Your new album Atmosphere hits stores soon. How are you prepping for the launch?

Kaskade: [My] new album is coming out in September, so the last couple months I’ve been just testing new material off the album.

OK! What’s inspiring you for your new material?

K: This beautiful rainy weather here in New York City [laughs].

OK!: Is there a song you’re to listening to on repeat right now? 

K: I’m really feeling Lana Del Rey right now. Summertime Sadness, I love that song.

OK!: We’re always looking to promote up and coming artists. Anyone we should know about?

K: If you haven’t heard of Jacques Lu Cont you should check it out. He’s my favorite right now.

Moto X Launch Event
Courtesy of Motorola

OK!: Now moving onto TV. What’s on your DVR right now?

K: I’m watching Fringe right now. I forget what season I’m on, but I’m catching up. [Also] Suits. The new season just started—I’m stoked! It seemed like forever between season two and three. I’m excited that started.

OK!: You’ve been busy the last few months on your Summer Lovin tour. Any big vacations planned before you’re Atmosphere tour starts in fall? 

K: I just got back from Ibiza so I kind of hit my one!

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