When OK! caught up with hunky actor Adrian Grenier on Monday night at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC, where the Entourage star was hosting a gala for charity: water, we of course had to ask if there were any big surprises in store for the next season of his hit HBO show. But we were certainly not prepared for his reply.

"Honestly, the scariest potential surprise is that there may not be a show next year," Adrian revealed to OK!, adding, "If there is not a resolution with the writers’ strike soon."

The strike by the Writers Guild has brought most TV production to a grinding halt, putting some shows like Entourage in jeopardy. But in spite of this, Adrian tells OK! he understands where the strikers, who are, among other demands, looking to receive royalties from shows broadcast on the Internet, are coming from. "I do believe the writers deserve a piece of the Internet revenues," he explained to OK!.

Adrian offered up charity: water, a group near and dear to his heart, as an example of how to resolve the strike. "I think the studios should give as much in the same spirit as I have been talking about tonight," Adrian said. "Give, give, give a little extra… it goes a long way."

By Ravi Yande

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