Last month, 11 extras were hurt on the set of Tom Cruise’s lastest flick, the WWII drama Rubicon (formerly known as Valkyrie), and a lawsuit was filed in Germany against United Artists, in which Tom heads with producing partner Paula Wagner.

OK! sat down with Ariane Bluttner, the lawyer suing Tom, to get her take on the whole situation.

“It’s not Tom Cruise, it’s United Artists," Ariane explained. "They are responsible because the safety of the set was not as well secured as it should have been and Tom Cruise is just one man who gives the money to the production.”

Currently United Artists and Bluttner are in negotiations, instead of taking the suit to trial. “First we try to settle before suing… with Babelsberg too… United keeps trying to say that Babelsberg is responsible because its the production company, but this small German firm is not the one supporting an $80 million film,” she said.

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