Drew Barrymore may no longer be into Justin Long, but Kirsten Dunst is definitely into him.

A week after breaking up with the Charlie’s Angels star, the former Mac spokesman, described by friends as "heartbroken" after the split, was hanging out with Kirsten on Wednesday morning, but could the two possibly be more than friends?

"Justin was holding Kirsten’s hand while walking around downtown NYC in the SoHo area," an eyewitness tells OK!. "They stayed out all night and Kirsten was all over him and kept leaning in to kiss him."

A pal of Justin confirms the stars are longtime good friends and the 26-year-old actress, who was recently treated for depression, is merely consoling him through his breakup, while a friend of Kirsten tells OK!, "She’s always had a bit of a crush on Justin."

It certainly looked that way during their morning stroll. Perhaps the duo was heading to the 30-year-old’s new digs — Justin recently purchased a $2.4 million bachelor pad in the Big Apple.

The scene was in stark contrast to Justin’s disposition less than a week ago when he was still reeling from his split with Drew. While out at Westside Tavern on July 12, the actor was visibly upset, a source tells OK!.

“Justin looked upset and mentioned a bad breakup with someone with whom he was head over heels in love," the onlooker says.

But now it seems he’s finding solace in his friend Kiki.

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