In reponse to a newspaper report this morning alleging that Lindsay Lohan is doing everything she can to avoid talking to her father, Michael Lohan, the actress’ dad decided to use his recently acquired blogging rights on to give his side of the story.

Michael writes:
"This morning’s article was nothing more than Dina, who planted the story by using sources and so-called friends — all because I’m taking her to court and she wants me to look bad before everyone finds out what her and her family are all about. 

"Dina is getting such bad press for her show [Living Lohan on E!] that she is trying to pass it off on me. She does this time and time again, and in each instance, when I talk to Lindsay, she says, ‘Dad, I never said that or did that!’ 

"Dina is manipulative, deceptive and devious, just like her immoral family. If she isn’t trying to manipulate our children, she has other people make statements for her just like she has done in this latest article.  

"Her show should be called Living SULLIVAN [Dina’s Maiden Name] and not Living LOHAN because a LOHAN would never do what her or her family does.  

"Do we want to compare? I would be glad to — On second thought, maybe I will…

"Wait until court."

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