Michael Lohan has exclusively released a statement to OK! on Thursday, Aug. 9, in response to Lindsay’s ex-bodyguard Tony Almeida’s shocking supposed tell-all to In Touch Weekly. Tony, who worked for Lindsay from 2002-2005, blames Michael and his estranged ex-wife Dina for Lindsay’s current woes and tells the magazine of his former client’s wild nights of booze and drugs and hysterical fights with her father, one of which, he says, took place in the middle of the Long Island Expressway. Michael slams the allegations and tells OK!:It is sad to say but Tony Almeida is a desperate and disgruntled employee who is destitute and will do anything for money. In doing this he has violated a confidentiality agreement which proves his lack of integrity. Furthermore he is a man who is passing the buck because it is he who has neglected his disable son and entire family in Brazil for 20 years. How can he castigate myself and the members of my family about illegal drug use when he uses steroids that fuel his own rage (perhaps even worse than the rage he attributes to me)? Yet again, this is an instance of someone living off Lindsay and our family for their own personal gain. Tony became Lindsay’s bodyguard during the shooting of ëHerbie’ in 2004. This was at a time when I was already separated from my family. To address his ëstalking’ claim, I never entered Lindsay’s property in LA. Tony knows that, but now that he is dejected and in dire straits he has gotten very ëcreative.’ Lindsay had a secure trust fund up until the age of 18, again a time I was separated from my family, so how could we have lived off Lindsay? Up until that time I supported my family in every conceivable capacity. Records will prove, I never took one red cent from Lindsay directly or indirectly, nor did I ever touch Lindsay or any of my children. As I have admitted I slapped Dina once in 1989 and I have truly regretted it ever since. Tony never saw me doing cocaine because I was not doing it at that time. I have a video of Lindsay’s entire sweet 16 which shows that she only drank juices and soft drinks. During the time Lindsay was with Aaron, Dina and I were always around; we even had a federal agent, who is a friend of mine, as security for Lindsay and Aaron. Not once was it ever reported to us that any drinking, drugs or promiscuity ever took place. Tony is a desperate man who is struggling to make ends meet any way he can. Lindsay was never afraid of me. If anything she turned to me when she had problems. Tony only had known me for 2 years, much of which I was not around him or Lindsay, so how can he judge me or my relationship with my children?Photo: Wireimage.com

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