Michael Lohan has had happier times. First he found himself the target of an online scolding from his actress daughter Lindsay Lohan over comments he made to the media about her girlfriend Samantha Ronson, and then only days later came the unfortunate death of his father.

But instead of the loss of a loved one bringing father and daughter Lohan closer together, Lindsay’s absence from her grandfather’s wake and funeral has many whispering that the divide between the two is getting deeper every day.

In an exclusive statement to OK!, Michael explains his side of the story:

"To date, I have not said anything about Lindsay not being at my dad’s wake or funeral. But I will say this: Lindsay is my daughter. I love her… I forgive her (as I hope she and Dina’s family forgive me). And nothing will ever stop me from doing so.

"She is a big girl, and can and will make her own decisions… For all of us, it is between us and God.

"As for Dina and my other children, I will say that they have been extremely supportive and we have brought things to new and better levels than ever. It is a shame that sometimes it takes tragedy to see the light, but we have, and God does work in mysterious ways."

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