While many had expected that today’s hearing in the ongoing custody war between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline would be a day with at least a handful of final, definitive rulings handed down from the court, the legal eagle for wannabe rapper K-Fed tells OK! that, in actuality, things are far from over.

“It’s not like in a civil trial where an order will be handed down to resolve the case,” Mark Vincent Kaplan explained to OK! after Monday’s hearing. “In family court, a case can go on as long as the children are minors.”

Well, considering the oldest of the two boys is barely 26 months old, that could mean almost two more decades of courtroom showdowns. Does Kaplan see any hope for a resolution in the near future? “I have to say that much will be resolved at the April hearing when we expect the evaluation will be done,” he tells OK!. “You can’t expect to go to a full hearing if one set of evaluations is not complete.”

Regarding reports that the visitation schedule has been modified to allow Britney to have the boys on Christmas, Kaplan would only say, “I think Kevin would feel it’s absolutely appropriate for both parents to see the kids over the holidays.”

As of now, the lawyers aren’t set to duke it out until after the New Year. But as we’ve seen, that can change in the blink of an eye — or a stoplight.

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