As a correspondent for Extra, Terri Seymour has traveled far and wide to get all the juicy scoop on the hottest celebrities, so where else is there left to go when she needs some rest and relaxation?

St. Regis Resort, that’s where!

Terri, who’s been dating American Idol judge Simon Cowell for five years, took some time off to unwind at the gorgeous resort on Monarch Beach, sandwiched between Los Angeles and San Diego. And she sure got the star treatment! The 33-year-old got a stone massage, shot some holes-in-one (or tried to) and received five-star service, which was "amazing."


"They genuinely do want to help," she tells OK!. "It’s not forced."

Not to be found around was Simon, whom she’s known for 15 years.


"He’s such a character — shall we say that I knew from the beginning what he was about," she says.


So will she be Mrs. Simon soon?


"No, absolutely not!"

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