As OK! exclusively reported last night, Tom Cruise did indeed make a surprise appearance Friday afternoon at the Friars Club roast of his supposed nemesis, Today Show host Matt Lauer. And according to those in attendance, the actor didn’t hold back on skewering the man he famously sparred with on live TV three years ago.

"Everyone in the room was shocked," one audience member reveals to OK!. "Tom just walked across the stage after a video segment."

"Believe it or not, Matt and I are friends," Tom told the audience. "Which some of you may find surprising because we had that, uh… you know."

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The superstar, who got into an on-air argument with Lauer in June 2005 on the topic of psyschiatry and psychiatric medication, then launched into a slide show of PhotoShopped pics of him and Matt jet skiing, barbecuing and sitting together on the couch.

"When we can’t get together, we’ll talk on the phone two, three, four times a day and say, ‘Matt are you watching this?’ And he’ll say, ‘yeah.’ And we’ll sit there."

Tom also joked that it was actually Matt who told him to go crazy on the air, saying, "Come on, people will love you for it!"

After joking that Matt had been the one who suggested that his former co-host Katie Couric leave her Today Show gig, Tom wrapped things up by saying, "In front of all these people, I just want you to know I can’t believe I flew all the way out here… Now lose my number, you glib putz."

Tom, in true Ryan Seacrest fashion, ended his speech saying, "Cruise out."

In rebuttal to Tom’s roasting, after the Oscar nominee exited, Matt said, "Come on, Tom… Stay. We can get a booster seat!" And when he realized Tom wasn’t returning, he added, "Oh, guess his spaceship has to leave."

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