File this one under "Awesome": Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a guest on tonight’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon… but he’s showing up as his Saved by the Bell alter ego, that loveable rascal, Zack Morris.


"It’s been a long strange trip since my days at Bayside, but hey, I can’t complain," says Zack/Mark-Paul, dressed in head-to-toe typical Morris gear. Yep, that’s right: stone-washed jeans with the cuffs rolled up, neon blue shirt and big, puffy hightops. And oh yeah, that huge cell phone is back too!


Zack catches Jimmy up on what he’s been up to since his days at Bayside High School and his romance with high school sweetheart Kelly, and then joins house band The Roots to recreate  "The Zack Attack" band, singing a classic SBTB tune.


The blond one also calls an old pal from Bayside to invite them to a reunion on Late Night. Tune in to NBC tonight to see who it is! 




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