Even since James Marsden played the douchebag in The Notebook we’ve loved him so very much. Then he played the perfect man in films like 27 Dresses, Enchanted, and Hairspray, and our crush really got out of control. Now, James is having quite the busy summer promoting two more major movies, and this is what he looks like while doing it:

James Marsden was all smiles and suited up as he left his hotel in Lower Manhattan

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James is doing the rounds for 2 Guns, an action thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, and The Butler, an Oscar contender (already!), alongside Robin Williams, Lenny Kravitz, John Cusack and more, both coming out in the coming weeks. It makes sense that the hot dude, our OK! Hottie of the Day, isn’t exactly out of work. With baby blues and charm like that we don’t think he ever has to worry about unemployment. Ever.

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