The Biggest Loser trainer Kim Lyons stopped by the OK! offices recently, and the buff beauty, whose new book, Your Body, Your Life, hits stores in January, had a lot to say about her theory behind weight loss. She even took a jab or two at her on-air colleagues.

Are there times when you question the other trainers’ methods?
Occasionally, yes, but that goes both ways. There are certain things that you think, “Oh, that’s really great,” and there are other things that just aren’t my style. I just don’t agree with someone who is 400 pounds on a treadmill on day two of a workout and having them run at 12 miles an hour. There are definitely a few conflicts, but in the end the results are there, so that’s what matters.

How would you describe your style?
Very hodgepodge — I really don’t have one set way of doing it because every person is different. You have to pick out what makes them tick and drive on that. Some people like to do “can’t stop,” some people need you to hold their hand and be delicate, some people need the “mom” that’s just there constantly nagging at them, some people just need someone to go, “Here’s what you need to do — go do it.” So you kind of have to find what style works with each individual person.

How did you apply the philosophy from the show to your book?
I think that’s the best thing about being on The Biggest Loser. I have such a unique perspective compared to what every other trainer does. In the real world, you literally train your people and you go home — you don’t see the massive effect it has on an emotional level, on a psychological level. With the show, I’m there with them every single step of the way. So I can see how emotionally draining it is on them, and they can run from me and cry to somebody. They’re going to have to work through that with me. Something that I could completely apply to the book is just trying to make people feel comfortable with their emotions about weight loss issues.

By Jocelyn Vena

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