Bret Michaels, hair metal’s most available single guy, has loaded 20 prospective dates onto a tour bus and headed off for the third season of Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels.

"If you want to know the true measure of a person, spend a week on the road with them," the Poison frontman, 45, tells OK!.

Michaels, who has two daughters with ex-girlfriend Kristi Lynn Gibson, 38, says he’s still looking for love, but thinks he may have found something close to it on this season.

"I find what I think is my best chance for it," he says. "She’s someone who can handle being out on the road, but she can still have fun. I think I did good."

At the end of season 2, Michaels chose Ambre Lake to be his lady love. So what happened between then and now?

"Finding true love on TV is tough," he says. "Being long-distance was hard. When I have time off, I jump on a plane to see my kids. Ambre was very cool about the new season starting, and we left the door open between us."

When asked which celebrity he’d like to see on his tour bus, Michaels says, "Jennifer Aniston is smokin’ hot, smart and funny. You could take her home to mom and grandma. But behind closed doors she’d rock your world."

Since his early days on the road with Poison, Michaels has sported a bandana around his long blond locks. Now a little bit older, you have to wonder, is the hair still as thick under there?

"Yes," he says, "but it’s fine and thin so I like having extensions."

A diabetic himself, Michaels is a spokesman for the American Diabetes Association. When asked how he juggles being a rock star and having diabetes, the singer says, "This is the sickest thing any rock star will say, but the art of balance will let you rock forever."

He continues, "Most diabetics don’t live in a bubble. At some point you’re going to have something with sugar, you’ll want to get a drink and it’s all about working out how to balance it in your diet."

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