Starring in the hit Disney movies High School Musical has been quite the ride for Olesya Rulin. At the Fourteenth Annual Family Party held at the Museum of Natural History and Cozy’s Cuts for Kids she met up with some of her biggest fans and chatted with OK! about the hit phenomenon and working with Jessica Simpson.

Are you excited about HSM3?
Yeah I’m really stoked. I loved working on the first two and so I’d love to work on the third one.

What should fans expect from the HSM3?
I hope we can tell another story while concluding the life of the Wild Cats into a memorable event.

Why do you think HSM has been such a phenomenon?
I don’t really know why exactly. Maybe it’s ‘cause today kids are kind of lacking a good, wholesome movie. It’s really innocent. Our biggest problem is that the characters don’t see each other enough! It’s just innocent and a breath of fresh air.

How are you dealing with all the fame?
It’s a little bit crazy. I wake up every morning and I’m here! Look I’m at the Natural History Museum in New York and a year ago I was working at Nordstrom! So it’s a little bit different. It’s definitely hard and I need to prioritize my life a little bit. I need to be more careful about my family and friends, just making sure things I don’t want in the public not to be in the public.

What projects are coming up that you’re busy working on?
I just finished a movie with Jessica Simpson called “Major Movie Star.” We join the army – I play her best friend. That was so fun! I got to wear all the combat gear. I had a fake rifle and it was still really heavy. We filmed the movie and it was just really, really hot. Just to be with a bunch of great actresses and a wonderful director – Steve Miner was fun. Just kind of being on that type of movie set kind of compelled me to understand a bit more about our soldiers right now and what’s going on in the world. I have a different appreciation for it, for the film industry as well as for the soldiers in general.

And what was it like working with Jessica Simpson?
She’s a wonderful soul. She’s probably one of the most genuine souls I’ve ever met. She’s a very beautiful woman and I loved her spirit. She brought a 120% to work every single day. She is the hardest working actress that I have met so far.

By Alison Moodie

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