There’s was a media explosion when Anne Heche left her husband for co-star and rugged hunk du jour James Tupper. It didn’t help that he, too, was married. But that hasn’t stopped these two lovebirds from making a life for themselves in Vancouver, Canada, where they shoot their ABC dramedy, Men in Trees.

OK! spoke with James via telephone and when you mention the name Anne Heche, he gets all excited, like a schoolboy. “We are very fond of each other. You know what I noticed when I worked with Sissy Spacek [on the upcoming movie Pictures of Hollis Woods] is that look of love and wisdom in her eyes and Anne has the same thing. She’s a woman who’s gone through a lot and has come out with an enormous heart.”

He continued, “She’s a phenomenal actress and she’s a wonderful force to work with.”

But, when asked why Anne is so attracted to him, well, that gets another reaction altogether. It can be described as happy confusion: “I am mystified. I’ll tell you something funny. They call the place I come from down-home. And it’s funny there’s a down-home feeling. My dad couldn’t believe I was called sexy. I think I have a little bit of that attitude. I’m a guy whose trying to love every day and this glorious person who fell in love with me thinks I’m great. It’s beautiful.”

On the show, which he describes “as a collaborative effort,” James plays Jack Slattery and reveals this season he’ll get in touch with James’s Nova Scotian mountain man roots for the role. “There’s a big surprise in the second episode and Jack might be going on a nautical adventure and he might be getting a wolf. A lot of relationship action,” he said.

“I’m not Jack, but he lives in me. Though I am excited to go on a nautical adventure, the happiest day I’ve had this year is putting on the gear to go on it,” he added, “There is a rumor that Kelly Williams is joining the show and may be going on the nautical adventure with me. The rumor is that that’s true. She’s joining the show.”

Admittedly he may be excited because this man loves nature. “I have my mountain man moments like hiking in the woods. There’s a range of mountains that surround the city and they are absolutely beautiful. We had out first dusting of snow, so I went hiking.”

Looks like Jack sure does live in him.



By Jocelyn Vena

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