Comedian and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Joan Rivers talks to OK! about ageing gracefully, the NBC series and The Boardroom Collection — the QVC jewelry line it inspired.

OK!: You’re doing Celebrity Apprentice with your daughter Melissa?
It’s always amazing working with Melissa. She’s so smart, she knows my weaknesses, I know her weaknesses, she knows my strengths. It’s a great combination.

OK!: Scott Hamilton says you’ll win.

I’m strong. I know I’m a great worker, that much I do know. No one who has ever worked with me and not come out saying, "My Godm where do you get your energy?" If I hear that one more time…

OK!: Any plans for more surgery?

I literally landed at midnight last night from Australia, and this morning I went and got my Botox — because I like my Botox. I like to look in the mirror and not see lots of wrinkles.

OK!: What inspires your beauty and jewelry lines?

What doesn’t? You walk down the street, and you say gee isn’t that a pretty color combination? You’ll see something in a very fine, I go to all the fine jewelry conventions, and you go wouldn’t that be wonderful twice as big.


By Delaina Dixon

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