Former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks recently chatted with OK! about learning Japanese and trying to find love. “Jordin,” she tells OK!, “is single.”


OK!: You’re learning Japanese?

The past year I’ve become really interested in Japanese culture. I thought it would be really cool to learn the language.


OK!: Do you still watch AI?


I do. If I miss it I’m always asking what happened. I try to keep up but I can’t watch it every time so my grandparents Tivo it so that when I come home it’s an American Idol marathon. I voted the first week for Alexis Grace and Danny.


OK!: You’re not seeing anyone?


I’m not. I don’t think anyone could handle my schedule! I’m still looking, though.


OK!: What’s your idea of a perfect boy?

Well, I have grown up around sports my whole life, so I do like athletic guys, but I also like musicians and it’s a little hard to find an athlete/musician. They have to be respectful, respect my family and who I am, they have to make me laugh because if they can’t make me laugh I can’t handle it because I laugh all the time, all day. If they don’t have a good sense of humor and can’t take my sense of humor, they’re gone.


OK!: Tell us about working with John Mayer on "One Splendid Evening."


I was so excited because my mom told me she talked to John’s manager and that John was going to call me on my phone and I was like, “What??” I had a little bit of a freak out but John called me and we were talking about this night and he was really excited, and so was I. I was trying really hard to not freak out, but I am a huge fan and I ended up telling him that and then I felt really lame after I said it.

OK!: Do you follow all of his frequent Twittering?

That’s so funny you say that because I just joined Twitter. I had no idea what it was but I’d read all this stuff like, "John Mayer, Twitternation" or whatever, follow along, so I am currently following him but I don’t think he thinks it’s actually me. He has like 50,000 people following him and talking to him at one time, so he has no idea I’m following him. He’s a smart guy though.

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