At 25, country pop star LeAnn Rimes has accomplished quite a lot. For six years, she’s managed to juggle a hugely successful music career with a happy marriage, and do it all without, seemingly, blinking an eye. The country superstar tells OK! that her new album, Family, reflects on her own experiences as a public figure and how it would all mean nothing without her, well, family.

“You know, ‘family’ is a very multifaceted word for me. It’s an interesting word when you’ve grown up with the world as your family, and you’ve gone through public ups and downs with your family,” she explained to OK! when she sat down with us at the Go Green and Small with all event in New York City.

“I’m thinking about having my own family eventually,” the singer added. “And then there is my extended family of friends. All of those relationships are covered on this album — very honestly, very openly, so I thought it was the perfect title.”

Like many A-listers her age, LeAnn shot to stardom as a teenager. But unlike several of her contemporaries, this platinum-selling artist has managed to avoid garnering negative attention. That being said, LeAnn’s the first to point out that she wasn’t always the perfect kid.


“I had a lot of respect for myself and I had great parents that taught me how to make proper decisions,” she recalled. “But you know, I was just a teenager and God knows I’ve had my moments — I’ve never been a saint — but I think I’ve learned from my mistakes and moved on and I’ve tried not to make them over and over again.”

Her family is definitely something she hopes to expand on in the future. And her next album (yes, she’s already starting writing for a new album) will reflect those desires even more. “ I think there’s a little of that on the record; I think there will be even more of that on the next one. Yeah, there’s talk of future plans with kids, absolutely.”

Maybe she can use those mistakes as lessons for her future kids!


By Jocelyn Vena

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