LeAnn Rimes is all grown up and all ready for the holiday season! The country crooner talked to OK! on the red carpet at country’s biggest night, the CMAs. And what was she gushing about: cornbread, Nashville and her hubby, Dean!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

I will be home. I am so excited. My husband Dean is cooking, but I am making the dressing for the first time. I found a recipe that has five ingredients so I don’t think I can screw it up. Hopefully nothing burns!

What do you love at Thanksgiving?
I love dressing. I am a big cornbread, dressing person. I don’t gorge, but that and Christmas, I allow myself to have whatever.

What do you love about Nashville?
It’s quiet. I am able to get away and work here. I lived in L.A. for five years and felt I wasn’t able to get away from it all. Here, it is a nice place to eventually start a family and a good place to be.

How do you prepare for a day like the CMAs?

Today was kind of nutty because I was performing on Dancing With the Stars last night in L.A. so I flew in this morning. I’ve had about five hours of sleep and am on lots of caffeine. Things are good. Been in hair and makeup all day and rehearsals. Dean keeps me laughing all day long especially because I get so into what I am doing, he kind of lightens up the mood a little bit.



By Alisandra Puliti

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