British reality TV superstars Katie Price and Peter André have made the big jump across the pond, and settled in a Malibu, Calif., home with their three children, while they shoot the sixth season of their series, Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter.

The former UK glamour model and her pop star hubby stopped by OK!’s Beverly Hills office, and opened up about their life in the US, the Beckhams, and <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Jade Goody</strong></a> .
Do you live a normal life here in the US?
Peter: In England, it is constant. Here you get some days when they are there, and some days when they are not. You can be normal.
Katie: You think it’s pretty normal to go and have a 13-mile run along Malibu beach and have twelve paparazzi following you around?

The Beckhams attempt to “conquer America,” was short-lived because it looks like they’re now going back to Europe. What are your thoughts?
KP: Well, we never said that we were trying to break America. I don’t know if they said that they were trying to. It’s sad they’re going to be leaving. I’m sure that she loves it here, and her boys love it here. Just — good luck to them!

PA: I think that they are so successful anyway –who cares. It doesn’t matter, and I think –you know, good luck to them! We love them.

What are your thoughts on Victoria Beckham’s style?
KP: Sometimes, I do think that she tries too hard. I would actually like to see her in a tracksuit, and UGG boots going to the shop buying newspaper – smiling.
What are your thoughts and feelings on fellow UK reality star Jade Goody’s battle with cancer?
KP: Oh, it is awful. But I think that it is so brave and I am just gutted for her. We talk about her day and night. I would love to be by her side just the whole way, you know.
PA: It’s really put everything into perspective for us. We are living the American dream but what does it all mean when you think back to someone who can’t see their children after a certain period of time. She will never see them again.
Have the both of you reached out to her?
KP: I’m supporting her.

PA: We’ve sent her some messages, and we have sent her some flowers.

KP: I do say that they need to do a Jade charity, and I would love to be a part of that. I said that next year, I would run the marathon to raise money for that.
PA: Well, I was actually thinking of writing her name across my forehead when I do the London marathon.

Interview by Patricia Ramos

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