Rachel Bilson has dated a co-star before. During her days on the hit show The OC, the 26-year old actress fell for her on-screen love Seth Cohen — played by Adam Brody. Now the very private actress is reportedly seeing another hot new actor, Hayden Christensen, with whom she stars in the new sci-fi thriller Jumper. But when asked to spill on her love life, Rachel smiles, “It’s nice to keep it to yourself.”

You’re not into the L.A. party scene, are you?
I keep to myself. I like to just hang out with my friends and my dog.

Is it difficult to have a relationship when you’re under scrutiny?
I try to live my life under the radar. I don’t comment on my personal romantic ife.

Wouldn’t it be easier to date a bank teller than an actor?
In some ways I’m sure, but if you date someone in the business you know what each other goes through. I wouldn’t say any relationship is easy.

How was it working with Hayden?

He’s a fantastic actor. I was so impressed with him. Everything we had to do was so challenging, especially physically. I never heard him complain once. He just happily obliged.

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