Susie Castillo deserves a little time to relax.

Since becoming Miss USA in 2003, she has been on a whirlwind: She got rave reviews as an MTV veejay from 2005-2007, and has been racking up acting credits on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and Two and a Half Men, among others.


Last year, Susie, 29, added to her list of talents by writing Confidence Is Queen, a book inspired by her travels around the country as Miss USA.


Taking a break is unlikely for Susie, however.


Her latest gig, as co-host (with Michael Flatley) of NBC’s Superstars of Dance, is keeping her plenty busy. But she recently carved out a day from her schedule to chat with OK! about her career and her marriage to Web-design company owner, Matt Leslie, 29.


You met Matt in college. how do you keep your relationship happy and exciting?

The key, I think, is to grow and evolve together. I’m not a big believer in “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

I think being apart makes you grow apart. So we do everything we can to be together. 

You’re great parents to your two Chihuahuas, Oscar and Lupe. Do you have any plans to have kids?
Not right now. Outside of the health of our relationship, our careers are priority number one.


I’ve learned that nothing endures but change… and that includes changing
our minds. Matt swore we’d never have dogs, and now we have two!


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