While her co-stars grab most of the headlines on The Hills with their never ending drama, Whitney Port quietly gets to business and steers clear of catfights and snarky text messages. OK! spoke to the statuesque fashion-loving blonde and discovered she’s more than meets the eye!

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Are you dating?
I’m not dating anyone right now. I’m not looking either. It’s hard to find a guy. Everyone comes to LA to accomplish goals, and sometimes it’s hard to find a genuine person in the middle of all that.

Does being on The Hills make it harder to find a guy?
You wonder if there’s ulterior motives. Guys who want to be on the show probably aren’t that into me. And the ones who don’t want to be on the show have trouble with me being on it.

Do you feel the pressure to be thin?
Yes and no. There are days that I care more than others. Then there are days where you step back and realize you can’t always be so presentable.

Is The Hills scripted?
It’s all real. There have been times we’ve had to shoot something again, when our microphones weren’t working or because someone walked in front of the camera. I’ve never been told what to say.

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