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Sep. 21 2008, Published 1:59 p.m. ET

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10:58: Could it be? The show is over? And on time? It can't be!!

10:57: Mad Men wins Outstanding Drama! It's the little show that could. And more importantly, we get another one right!!

10:56: The final award!!

10:54: Finally time for Best Comedy Series... The winner is: 30 Rock! We get another one right!!

10:53: I think she called Betty "internally golden" — does that mean she has jaundice?

10:52: Someone get Mary Tyler Moore a sandwich. Now.

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10:51: We're almost there... Just a couple more...

10:50: And the anticlimactic award of the year goes to Jeff Probst.

10:49: This has dragged on way too dang long.

10:45: ugh.

10:44:  And the winner for "person who stands around and kicks people off reality shows," is...

10:43: Jimmy Kimmel is back. Fantastic.

10:42: We got the Tina Fey win right, which means we're back to batting .500.

10:41: Lead Actress, Comedy winner is... Tina Fey. Not as shocking.

10:40: Is Craig Ferguson drunk? No, he's just Scottish.

10:39: Bryan Cranston wins!!! What an upset!

10:38: Looks like Kiefer is out of jail. Ain't that sweet?

10:37: Alright... Let's get this party finished, shall we?

10:30: Time for the in memoriam portion of the show. Bring out the tissues, dear.

10:28: Glenn Close wins! We picked another one!

10:28: It's America and a former Miss America! And they didn't say anything?? Something's wrong with the sound.

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10:27: Hooray! Alec Baldwin wins!! We love Jack Donaghy!!

10:26: Finally. Something good. Lead Actor in a Comedy is...

10:25: Candice Bergen still looks exactly like she did on Murphy Brown. How's that work out?

10:24: Paul Giamatti actually wins! I guess they didn't see Lady in the Water.

10:23: The longest commercial break of the night... snore.

10:17: Still got lots to go. Anyone want to take bets on how late the show runs?

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10:16: And the Emmy for Drama Series Writing is... Mad Men.

10:15: House wins for some directing thingy. And the world continues to nap.

10:14: More dang directing awards. Can't they hand these out earlier?

10:13: Cynthia Nixon is wearing a bath towel.

10:11: Kate Walsh is apparently a robot.

10:10: Don Rickles wins!!! I want to have his babies. The didn't care rush him off the stage.

10:09: I'm confused. They said they were remembering some producer guy and then went on to list nominees.

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10:08: Kristin Chenoweth is fun-sized.

10:06: More than 2 hours in and not many water-cooler moments yet. Not a good sign.

10:03: Tom Hanks is now America's greatest historian.

10:01: Sally Field presents Outstanding Movie or Miniseries to... (you'll never believe it), John Adams. Which means, of course, that Paul Giamatti won't win.

10:01: I am now joining the Don Rickles fan club.

10:00: The Amazing Race wins its 11 billionth Emmy for Best Reality Program or whatever it's called.

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9:58: I don't think Don even knows what reality TV is. And I love him even more.

9:57: Don Rickles basically tells the Emmy writers they stink. And I love him for it.

9:56: Which one is Don Rickles and which one's Kathy Griffin?

9:55: Outstanding Actress in a Miniseries or Movie... Goes to Dame Eileen Atkins for a movie no one ever saw.

9:54: A MASH clip to introduce Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey? That makes sense.

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9:53: Howie Mandel reminds us he used to do something other than tell hot women to open up suitcases.

9:49: John Adams (the miniseries, not the president) wins again. The winning writer just got cut off by the preview of upcoming presenters. Once more — that's very classy of the Emmys.

9:48: And now it's writing for something or other.

9:47: Recount wins again. And the crickets around the world chirp louder.

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9:47: Great. More directing.

9:46: I believe Colbert just called McCain a "dried-up old fruit."

9:45: Stephen Colbert is eating prunes on live TV. Amazing.

9:45: Tom Wilkinson for John Adams! Not exactly a shocker.

9:44: And the winner for a Supporting Actor in a Miniseries is...

9:43: Is Laurence Fishburne trying to blend in with the background?

9:42: A Dragnet reference — another one for the kids out there in the audience.

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9:40: By my count, there are still 12 more awards (not including whatever random trophies they decide to hand out) before we call it a night.

9:37: Recount! Because we need more reminders of the horrible 2000 presidential elections.

9:37: And the winner for TV Movie is...

9:36: Christian Slater and Christina Applegate. What a cute couple.

9:35: Nothing connects us like TV? Have you ever tried super glue?

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9:34: Is he going to start telling us about the PBS pledge drive?

9:33: Did anyone else notice that Martin Sheen said to "vote at least once"?

9:32: Uh-oh... we're getting political. That doesn't usually go well. The West Wing wasn't partisan? Say what?

9:31: Their choices for classic shows to highlight seems kind of arbitrary. The West Wing? I guess so...

9:29: Supposedly, we're halfway through the ceremony, but... not so much.

Jimmy Kimmel
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9:25: And I was completely wrong. Tina Fey wins... again.

9:24: I'm guessing The Office will win the writing award...

9:23: Barry Sonnenfeld, who hasn't directed anything worth mentioning since Men In Black, just won for Pushing Daisies, a show no one has ever seen.

9:21: Great... More directing awards. Just what this fast-paced evening needed — more deadwood.

9:19: From Laugh-In to Lauren Conrad. Talk about shifting gears.

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9:18: The Daily Show just won something. What, I don't know, because that entire previous sketch was more bewildering than a Bulgarian soap opera.

9:17: Substances were definitely involved in whatever we just watched. Unfortunately, I think that substance was Geritol.

9:16: Does ANYONE have any idea what the heck is going on?

9:15: First the Smothers Brothers and now this? Apparently the Emmys demographic is older than we'd thought.

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9:14: Someone please sock it to whomever thought this was a good idea.

9:13:  That was a looonggg ad break.

9:08: And the Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie is... Laura Linney! Abigail Adams would be proud.

9:07: Yay! Alec Baldwin!!

9:06: I just aged 10 years in the 6 minutes it took Josh Groban to ruin TV themes forever.

9:06: Stop.

9:04: Ohmigawd. He's still singing. Did we do something to deserve this?

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9:02: Josh Groban singing a bunch of TV themes. I understand WHY someone thought it was going to be funny, but... yet, it's not.

9:00: One hour down. 35 to go.

8:56: Truth is... That this Emmys is moving slower than a drunk slug.

8:55: Tom Smothers drops the first uncomfortable political bomb of the night.

8:54: Wow... Tom Smothers. The kids at home must be going wild.

8:53: Are awards ceremonies required to be bloated and slow? Is there a tax break for wasting everyone's time?

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8:52: Looks like we got about half of each.

8:51: Which Steve Martin will we get: The funny one or the one who writes for the New Yorker?

8:50: Those are some sexy accountants. Meow.

8:49: Who looks more uncomfortable: Jeff Probst or Howie Mandel?

8:47: And the winner is... Does it really matter? The nominees list was funnier than anything these guys have written in years. I say give the award to Dr. Phil. In case you actually care, The Colbert Report won.

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8:45: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hayden Panettierre (or however you spell it) presenting a writing award of some sort... time to refresh your beverage of choice.

8:44: Dianne Wiest! We picked that one!! Redemption is ours!

8:42: And the winner for Supporting Actress in a Drama is....

8:41: Remember when The Simpsons were funny? And nice did by Conan on Katherine Heigl.

8:37: Wow... that award and speech was bizarre and irrelevant.

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8:36: No offense to the nominees, but who cares about Directing for a Variery, Music or Comedy Program?

8:34: Ricky & Steve Carell should just go on tour together.

8:31: I was right — Ricky's the funniest thing yet tonight.

8:30: Maybe Ricky Gervais could add some humor to this blah blah night.

8:29: Zeljko Whatshisname?? Our pick was Shatner, so once again we were wrong. But who cares. That guy with the unpronounceable name just won! How cool.

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8:28: And the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama series is...

8:27: Suddenly Desperate Housewives is a TV classic worth showing a clip of? That's news.

8:26: Could Heidi's arms be any skinnier?

8:26: Did you enjoy your snack break? I did. On with the show.

8:21: Christina Applegate looks fantastic sitting in the audience as the orchestra rushes Jean off mid-speech. Ain't that classy.

8:20: Jean Smart! We'd said Vanessa would win, so we're batting a not-so-impressive .000 right now.

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8:19: And the Supporting Actress in Comedy winner is....

8:19: Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks like she's wearing pink Saran Wrap!

8:18: If I wanted to watch Seinfeld clips, I'd be tuning into TBS right now.

8:17: Is that supposed to be the Seinfeld diner? That's the best they can do?

8:16: Back from the first pee-break and ready for this night to get more interesting in a hurry.

8:12: It's amazing — Jeremy's hair keeps getting thicker and thicker as he gets older. How does he do that?

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8:11: Jeremy Piven for the third time in a row! OK! had picked Neil Patrick Harris, so we're 0 for 1 — not good so far.

8:10: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler presenting Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. And the winner is...

8:09: Good to see that Heidi has no problem flashing the flesh for ratings...

8:08: Finally, Shatner to save the day!

8:07: Is Heidi that tall or are all men in Hollywood that short?

8:06: The reality hosts are really pushing this "We have nothing" bit. It wasn't that funny two minutes ago.

8:04: Who's the hot blonde guy in the suit? Oh — that's Heidi Klum.

8:03: Is it just me, or is something wrong with Oprah's voice?

8:02: Oooh... It's Oprah...

8:01: TV's top stars reciting TV's most memorable lines... The Baldwins made me laugh... a little

8:00pm: Okay, so the Jimmy Kimmel pre-ceremony thing is over. This can only be an improvement.


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