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OK!: Have you ever met someone who you were mentally, physically, and morally compatible with?

Mayte Garcia: Oh wow. Yes. Whoever I’ve dated, at the time. When I got married, we were compatible. We were physically compatible. But obviously, it went bad. I think that’s what a relationship is, to have compatibility. Everyone I’ve been in a serious relationship with, yes. Otherwise, what’s the point?


OK!: How would you handle it if you found out someone you were dating had a bisexual past?

MG: Oooph. Oh. Wow. Me personally, if I found that out, I would have to end the relationship and make it a friendship. I know guys that have been with bisexual women and it’s not threatening, and all that stuff. Men are cool with it! It’s a fantasy for them. I just couldn’t.

OK!: How important is space in a relationship?

MG: Being an individual, being okay to stand on your own, and to better the two of you out of want, not necessity, is good. I think space is important—you don’t want to become co-dependent. It’s attractive to have your own stuff going on, and have a partner with his own stuff going on, and you guys come together. It’s important.

OK!: What’s a good way to surprise a man and spice things up after 9 years?

MG: Well, you get my bellydance DVD! And you learn the seduction routine. You get an outfit that he’s never ever think you’d wear. Belly dancing is a very seducing dance, and i think when someone takes the time to learn something for their partner, to entice them or something, that’s exciting. It’s gotten me far!

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OK!: What’s your favorite romantic movie of all time?

MG: Wuthering Heights . The chemistry that they had, and the fact that they finally got together at the end, and then she passed away, and now he’s haunted by her. Because they wasted so much time! It’s like a wake-up call for people to stop looking at what people think. If you love the person, go with the person! If it’s love, it’s love. Good movie!

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