Back in 1996 I was supposed to go to a Blackstreet concert. It got canceled and I was very, very sad. Recently I got the news that Blackstreet is going on tour. In 2013. All is right with the world!

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Let's be honest, "No Diggity" is nothing short of a CLASSIC. If you haven't watched the music video lately, please do so immediately and relive all of it's 90's glory. The song's so good we'll forgive the guys for wearing those overalls…

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If you want to check out Blackstreet on tour (and of course you do) check out Ticketmaster for the dates and get your "Hey yo hey yo hey yo hey yoooo"'s ready.

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Also, just throwing it out there, but is Pitch Perfect maybe responsible for this tour? Anna Kendrick's version of "No Diggity" in the film is certainly a highlight and I'm sure inspired many people to add the jam back on to their playlists. Just picturing Blackstreet sitting together on a couch watching Pitch Perfect is aca-awesome.

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