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Jan. 6 2009, Published 12:57 p.m. ET

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Welcome to OK!'s Live Blog of the 2009 Golden Globe Awards! Who are the big winners going to be? Stay tuned as we catch all your favorite celebs and find out who will take home the trophies at the end of the night.

10:59 Golden Globe for best Motion Picture Drama? Slumdog Millionaire. Told ya so! I mean it, check what I wrote earlier. Although it doesn't take a blogging genius to have predicted this one. Congratulations, and we're almost ending on time! Thanks for sticking with me and OK! tonight, it was fun watching with you.

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10:51 Mickey Rourke isn't wearing socks and had some trouble ascending the stage. Happy for him, even if he is wearing sunglasses inside while accepting a major award. He's very grateful for his current success and thanks Dave Unger and Darren Aronofsky. Darren just flipped the bird at the camera which I'm pretty sure isn't something the censors would be happy about.  

10:50 Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama is up and I have no clue. The Golden Globe goes to Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler, who's come back from a flat-lined career. Everyone is standing for this newest comeback kid. His speech should be interesting. Let's watch!

10:44 Rainn Wilson is hilarious, opens with "Hello, we're TV actors," as he goes onstage with Blake Lively, to introduce Best TV Series - Drama. "Oh, we're reading this!" Blake says, surprised that she's supposed to read the prompter.  Mad Men wins! Big fan, although they haven't nabbed too many awards tonight.

10:42 Waterworks alert! Kate thanks Leo and says she's loved him for 13 years, and also thanks her husband and director, Sam Mendes. I might cry.

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10:40 Let's add Kate Winslet to our list of people I want to be. She just keeps saying "thank you" over and over, looks gorgeous, and says, "you have no idea how much I'm not wrapping up." Never wrap up, Kate! So pretty.

10:38 Cameron Diaz and Mark Wahlberg are onstage making jokes about Entourage   not winning. Yawn. We're about to find out who wins Best Actress - Motion Picture Drama. Our bets are on Kate Winslet. Aaaaaaaand it's Kate for Revolutionary Road! She's doing a nice sweep of the awards, and may or may not have mouthed a profanity that rhymes with "duck" when her name was announced as the winner.

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10:36 Longest commercial break ever. Now we're watching a clip of Slumdog Millionaire. It's up for Best Motion Picture - Drama and it's tooootally going to win.

10:29 I don't know what he's doing but Sacha Baron Cohen is onstage making jokes about Victoria Beckham and a groaner regarding Madonna and her personal assistants (Guy Ritchie, ha). Oh, he's announcing Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy. Please say it's not Mamma Mia. Whew, Vicky Cristina Barcelona takes it. Holler!

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10:27  Vicky Cristina Barcelona is up for an award. I want to be Penelope Cruz, along with Tina Fey.

10:18  Sandra Bullock just showed up onstage, haven't seen her in awhile, she's very ruffled, but anyway, she's announcing Best Actor - Comedy or Musical.  And Colin Ferrell and his eybrows in In Bruges beat out Javier Bardem. Way to go, C. Ferr.

10:13 Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are onstage together being funny and cute. He is not very tall, I tell you what. Emma seems to have lost her voice, as they announce Best Director, Motion Picture. I think Slumdog Millionaire's got this one. Golden Globe goes to Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire. You heard it here first, I think that's also going to win Best Picture.

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10:07 Yeah, these awards are going to go into overtime.

10:02  I wonder if Steven Spielberg would adopt me. Martin Scorsese is "bawling," notes a fellow watcher of the teary-eyed director. Steven is grateful to "Marty" (that's what we  in the biz call him), and says he's his inspiration. I don't think Spielberg ever ages, he's looked the same for years now. More power to ya, Steve.

10:00 Steven Spielberg is pretty great. Not gonna lie.

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9:55 Martin Scorsese is all talking about Steven Spielberg, which is great, but I saw Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt kiss during the commercial break they showed and I feel like I just witnessed the 8th Wonder of the World. Let's watch a tribute to Steven anyway.

9:49 Tina Fey is hilarious and says she has all the Hollywood Foreign Press action figures. I want to be her. She's providing all the jokes Amy Poehler forgot to deliver. She's addressing people on the Internet who don't like her and she's great. Loves her husband Jack. High five, Tina!

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9:46  David Duchovny said something we couldn't understand, but he did say his wife texted him so Tea Leoni must've forgiven him for that whole sex addiction thing. He and Jane Krakowski are announcing for Best Actress TV Series Comedy. Please say Tina Fey is going to win this one or all is not right with the world. Golden Globe goes to Tina Fey. Huzzah!

9:44  Kate Beckinsale is absolutely gorgeous as she and Diddy get on stage for Best Original Score - Motion Picture. Golden Globe goes to the composer for Slumdog Millionaire. Oh there's Angelina Jolie! Hadn't seen a lot of her yet tonight. So pretty.

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9:43 Love you, Meryl Streep, but Mama Mia? Really? It's nominated for Best Picture, Comedy or Musical.

9:34 Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical nominees being announced. I think 30 Rock should win, because no other show will tell you to live every week like it's shark week. Winner? Yes! 30 Rock. We are all Liz Lemon. Tina Fey heads up, Tracy Morgan comes up with her, and says that since Barack Obama won the election, per their deal, he will speak for the show from now on. "I am the face of post-racial America! Suck it, Cate Blanchett!"  Literally laughing out loud. Can't handle. "We love Lorney-Mikes!"

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9:32  Full disclosure: not a fan of Paul Giamatti. It's not his fault, he just sounds exactly the same in every single role he's ever head. But that's just me. He's very grateful and admits he started smoking again on the set of John Adams.

9:30  Best Actor Mini-Series. If Paul Giamatti doesn't complete the John Adams trifecta, I will be sincerely shocked. It's okay though, because he just won, obvs.

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9:28 Renee Zellweger, we need to talk about your dress/hair/face. I'm very disturbed by the whole overall crazy/scary effect you're trying to work. Also, open your eyes. She might be able to read the prompter better with her eyes less squinty. Now we're looking at The Reader, nominated for Best Motion Picture Drama.

9:26 Conversation during commercials upon watching famous people get up and walk around and hug. Friend: "Why is Glenn Close dressed like an old lady?" Other friend: "Because she is an old lady?"

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9:21 Patrick Dempsey and Amy Poehler are up to announce nominees for Best Actor TV Series  in a Musical or Comedy. I want jokes from Amy Poehler and so far, she's not delivering. She also called it The Entourage. Golden Globe goes to Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock, a personal favorite. Apparently, Alec used to bring Rumer Willis juiceboxes on movie sets. He'd also like to thank Tina Fey, Tina Fey and Tina Fey. Got it!

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9:19 Dang. Seth Rogen is hot. Really. Lost weight and making the second onstage coke joke of the night before announcing, with Elizabeth Banks, Screenplay, Motion Picture noms. Golden Globe is going to Simon Beaufoy for Slumdog Millionaire.

9:17 Gerard Butler shushes everyone, which has been a common theme tonight with this noisy crowd. They all quiet down pretty fast. He'd like to tell you about In Bruges, nominated for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, a movie featuring Colin Ferrell's eyebrows.

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9:10 Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV movie awards being announced by Maggie Gyllenhaal (who's dress I just can't love) and Aaron Eckhardt. Laura Linney is totally going to win for John Adams, right? Let's see. I'm probably right (see below prediction regarding John Adams). Winner? Laura Linney. Boo yah.

9:08 Colin Ferrell just totally made a joke about doing coke while sniffing from a cold on stage (stay classy, Colin!) and then announcing Best Foreign Language Film, Waltz With Bashir from Israel.

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9:05 Tom Brokaw is talking about Best Motion Picture Drama nominee, Frost/Nixon. He still sounds like he's reading the news.

9:00 I'm going to cry listening to Chris Nolan's speech about Heath and his place in cinematic history. A+ oratory skills, sir.

8:57 Demi Moore told her daughter not to hunch. Ha. Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture is up. Ralph Fiennes looks a little less annoyed. Probably because he knows Heath Ledger is going to win and there's nothing Ralph can do about it. And the Golden Globe totally goes to Heath. So sad. Everyone is standing up, and Chris Nolan, the director of Dark Knight is going up to accept the award on behalf of the late Heath, as a tribute to him comes on screen.

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8:55  Best Mini-Series or TV Movie is probably going to be John Adams. History is sooo the new biopic. Winner is... John Adams. Knew it.

8:53 Who's hotter, Jessica Lange or Drew Barrymore? Well, gotta say Jessica. Drew looks just... blonde, 80's prom, says fellow watcher. Agreed!

8:52 Jake Gyllenhaal, you are perfect. Please please marry me, okay? Best Motion Picture Drama nominee The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is being introduced. didn't see it but Brad Pitt is quite the looker so we wish him best of luck.

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8:44 They sat Sally Hawkins sooooo far in the back it's like she could've used a separate flight just to get to the stage, very interesting. A fellow watcher thinks Pierce Brosnan checked out her backside as she walked by. Hey, there are worse people you could have eyeing you, eh?

8:42 Big award announced by Johnny Depp, Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. We just want Johnny to stay up there so we can look at him. However, an award has to be announced and this one is going to Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky.

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8:40 Oh helloooo Jonas Brothers! So cute, we can hear all the teenage girls just screaming their heads off right now. Very fitting that they're introducing Outstanding Animated Feature, considering they probably still watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Winner... Wall-E! Yay you don't even know, such a good movie.

8:38 There are a few things we love about Ricky Gervais, including the fact that he's carried his drink onstage with him. A nice lager, it seems. He's hilarious, he's "bitter," and he's introducing Best Motion Picture Comedy/Musical nominee, Happy Go Lucky. never heard of it but it looks pretty adorable.  

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8:35  Just thought of a hilarious joke during the commercial. Here it goes, "Hey, Don Cheadle, what's up with Hotel for Dogs? I mean, you did Hotel Rwanda." That's it.

8:31 Best Actress in a TV series/Drama is up now. Prediction? Sally Field. Aaaand not surprisingly, goes to Anna Paquin in True Blood. Vampires and their shows rule this year.

8:29 Best Actor in a TV series/Drama is being announced by Zac Efron, who is very dapper. Gabriel Byrne won for In Treatment but we're sure he'd be grateful if he was there. This is the second person from that show to be absent.

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8:26 Burn After Reading is up for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical. I can't say I'm completely surprised but I don't know if I'm up for it to win. Eva Mendes seems to have sewn another dress on top of the long one she had on first. Not. A. Fan.

8:25  Please please please tell me Don Cheadle is NOT going to be in a movie called Hotel for Dogs. Ugh.

8:21 Just saw a quick shot of Ralph Fiennes. He looks inexplicably annoyed.

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8:18 Simon and Eva stay on stage to announce Supporting Actress in a TV/miniseries. Rachel Griffiths is adorable, hopefully she'll get it. Aaaaaand it goes to... Laura Dern for Recount. Nice big smooch from her guy Ben Harper, and Laura heads to the stage. She sort of looks like she's channeling Mad Men.

8:14 This is a super chatty crowd. Rumer Willis is apparently Ms. Golden Globe, and she looks prettier than we've seen her lately. Simon Baker and Eva Longoria Parker are about to announce Supporting Actor for TV/miniseries. Aaaaaaand the winner is (please Neil Patrick Harris, please Neil Patrick Harris!)... Tom Wilkinson, for John Adams. Okay, yay (NPH, your year is coming! I know it).

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8:09 Bruce Springsteen, you're adorable and we're glad your song won, but you're no Clint Eastwood. Better stop talking smack.

8:03 Things have started out right, for sure, with Kate Winslet winning Best Supporting Actress for The Reader. She's a bit of a rambler, but we're happy for her, as she says, she has a "habit of not winning things."

7:59 It's almost time! So far so good, of course there's still plenty of time for this to turn into a snoozefest. Tiki Barber and Brooke Burke were a little bit bashful about their predictions. Come on, spit it out.

By Mary Beth Quirk


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