In the current issue of OK!, dozens of celebrities are singled out for everything from their physical attributes to their career achievements to their charitable deeds, but only one A-lister had the complete package to be named OK!’s Woman of the Year — model, talk show and reality show host, and all-around fabulous person Tyra Banks!

The 34-year-old beauty recently sat down with OK! to talk exclusively about her love life, being a role model, and her infamous figure.

“I love my curves,” Tyra tells OK!. “I’ve made millions of dollars with this body.”

And Tyra says that the media is responsible for the body-image issues facing women today. “An average American woman is size 12 or 14,” she explains to OK!. “So if I look like a 10 or 12 in a picture and someone says I look disgusting, are they saying the majority of America is disgusting? That made me really upset, and that’s why I decided to fight back.”

However, the America’s Next Top Model host tells OK! that she feels things are slowly but surely improving. “Right now, there are some great things happening,” Tyra, who works out four days a week by boxing and running, says. “There’s America Ferrera, Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and myself: women who have curves. But I still feel like this skinny image is heralded. It’s very confusing for young girls.”

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