In the latest issue of DaMan Magazine, red-hot actress Olivia Munn discussed the obstacles that she faced trying to become an actress, constantly faced by opposition from her Asian mother.

“I told my Asian mother I wanted to be an actress,” Olivia revealed according to Just Jared, “She immediately shot it down telling me ‘You be lawyer or doctor! No actress!’ But I never let that deter me.”

Growing up in Japan and being brought down by her family when it came to acting, Olivia never gave up.

“I always believed if someone else could do it, I could too, if I worked hard enough.”

Despite the 29-year-old’s ambition, she admits that it took a lot of work to defy her mother’s stereotypical dreams for her daughter and become an established actress.

“I basically begged my mom to let me do it all. I learned to barter at an early age. I had to take karate and piano (to perpetuate the Asian stereotype) and hated it. Not that I really hated the activities, I just hated being told what to do… So, then I learned to negotiate with my mom. I said I would do well at all my piano recitals and make sure to get new belts in karate if she let me take theater classes.”

And, it looks as if all of her negotiating paid off as Olivia is set to star in Iron Man 2 alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlet Johansson, which hits theaters in May 2010.

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