Frankly, it’s not surprising to hear that reality TV villainess Omarosa is getting press for her crazy backstabbing antics, but this morning it was an all-out cat fight on the set of the Wendy Williams Show, which airs on FOX owned stations.

Omarosa was on to promote her book, The Bitch Switch, when the insults started flying between the Celebrity Apprentice/Surreal Life castmember and the radio/talk show queen.

The slings and arrows started when Williams warned Omarosa "This is not the time to try and look for your moment." She then continued to call Omarosa "The stereotypical angry black woman" which prompted the reality TV star to begin attacking William’s appearance, asking her if she’d had a nose job and that maybe she should consider wearing a better looking wig, all the while delivering the insults through cackles and toothy grins.

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